Cucumber cocktail

Beat the heat with these refreshing cucumber cocktail recipes. Try these delicious drinks that combine the coolness of cucumber with the flavors of your favorite spirits. Cheers to a refreshing summer!

This drink with cucumber vodka and lemonade is the best drink to cool off with! Low in sugar & super tasty-the perfect cucumber cocktail!

Katie Rothman
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While folk remedies for a sore throat may include a shot of whiskey, alcohol is generally not a favorable drink to recover from or prevent illness. That said, there’s a growing trend in Haute mixology that fuses immune-boosting ingredients into cocktails. The idea is that you can enjoy the inebriating effects of alcohol without worrying about suffering the consequences the next morning. #immuneboostingcocktails

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It’s #ThirstyThursday. Are you ready for these Blackberry Mint Cucumber Tequila Coolers? Can you handle them? I can. Like 5 of them. These are rip offs of the drinks we had an awesome Mexican place in New York a few months ago. (I also recreated this drink I had there). I have no idea what …