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Discover the mesmerizing artwork created by David Hockney using iPad. Immerse yourself in his innovative techniques and be inspired to unleash your creativity.
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Annely Juda Fine will be exhibiting 16 iPad drawings from David Hockney's series The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011. These bold and striking iPad drawings have been printed on paper in an edition of 25. A further four prints have been printed in large format and...

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This modern artwork is an original piece inspired by the renowned artist David Hockney, featuring a long reflecting pool lined with green hedges on either side. The centerpiece of the painting is an orange wall with a window directly in the middle of the painting, contributing a touch of boldness to the piece. The artist has applied a unique perspective in this oil painting, introducing refreshing green color and texture of the hedges, the calm blue of the reflecting pool, and the striking…

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