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Discover how to create your own 3D printer with these DIY ideas and projects. Get started on your 3D printing journey and bring your designs to life.
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DIY 3D Printer: How to Make a 3D Printer That Anyone Can Do: Hello everyone! Every time I start a new project, I try to make something bigger or more difficult than the previous one. So this time I made a 3D printer from some waste/residual wood, some "recycled" electronic parts and about 120$. In this instru…

kirk kirk
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Recycle Plastic Into 3D Printer Filament at Home: 3D printing is very exciting technology as it reaches the home scale but using brand new filament was not acceptable to me as it would just increases the plastic waste amount on the planet. I started to look for a way to turn plastic scraps around m…

Stefano Bodini
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3D Printer Cantilever 2.0 C3Dt/c: This is Fourth completed Printer design and third on instructables. Here is the instructions for the C3Dt/c (c for cantilever) by This printer was presented at MRRF2018 It is the culmination of many of my other intructables and I will r…

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3D Printer - Working Area 40x40x40cm: Hello everyone, in this project I want to show you how to make a 3D Printer.I always wanted to have a diy 3d printer. The easiest way to make it is print frame parts and coonnect it with aluminium profiles or somethink like that. But I didn't have a…