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There's one thing that is almost impossible to describe. Whenever we want to share it with you, we feel that there are not enough synonyms for cute and adorable to even get close in defining it. And as much as we try, we just 'awww' and 'ooooh' throughout the whole process. And we're guessing that by now you know what we are talking about. Yep, the most adorable, crazy cute puppies. There are really not enough words to describe how paw-some the little puppies are in any given language.

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Despite their name, Australian Shepherds have little to do with the Down Under. This dog breed has originated in the Basque region between France and Spain, where many shepherds came from an Australian descent, hence the Australian dog name. Later on, because of their incredible trainability and herding abilities, these dogs were favorited by American farmers and cowboys where the official breed registration began. Even though these shepherd dogs are still working in farms herding cattle…

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Search through our list of best male puppy names to find the perfect name for your puppy. Winston Luke Gizmo Oliver Bear Milo Simba Thor Ollie Ziggy Harley Teddy Marley Baxter Buddy Boomer George Scout Hunter Jax Shadow Blue Jasper Maverick Loki Rocco Buster Koda Beau Bandit Roscoe Moose Diesel Bentley Sam Jake Gus Riley...Read More

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It was inevitable to write this list after we posted the top 10 most intelligent dogs. With good comes bad and with smart comes stupid. With every positive quality comes a negative. Yes, this applies to dog breeds, as silly as it may sound. You have probably seen or heard about how smart some dogs are. These dogs are usually the ones that hog up all of the limelight. Mostly everyone wants an intelligent dog that can be trained to do things that most dogs can’t. On the other hand, some people…