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Discover innovative architecture ideas to create inspiring educational spaces. Enhance the learning environment with creative designs that promote collaboration and engagement.
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By: VTN Architects, Binh Duong, a new city which is 30 minutes away from Ho Chi Minh City, has a typical tropical climate all year round. The site is located in the middle of a flourishing forest with a wide variety of green and fruits, running rampant.

七海 福田
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Completed in 2020 in Linxi, China. Images by Weiqi Jin. Yinan Library and Archives is located north of Renmin Road and west of Fuyou Street. The planned area is about 21.3 acres. It is originally a...

Jose Alberto Ramirez Rodriguez
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“The Fourth Space” aims to create a transformative learning space that cultivates holistic learning and promotes well-being in students, educators, and members of the school community by integrating mindfulness and social-emotional learning into the educational environment. #Concept Architecture Competition #Urban Design Competition

UNI Architecture competition
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Image 12 of 51 from gallery of Tangcheng Middle School / Huajian Group Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Institute. Photograph by ACF domain graph vision

Comparison between ramp arcs and oblique roof. Image © TaoZhi Studio(Xiaoyue Su, Ke Zhou, Changhao Jia) Architecture, Design, Education Architecture, Architecture Concept Diagram, Residential Building, Concept Architecture, School Building Design, Research Institute, Architecture Design

Image 2 of 22 from gallery of Special Education School / Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT - TaoZhi Studio. Photograph by TaoZhi Studio(Xiaoyue Su, Ke Zhou, Changhao Jia)

Yasaman Ghavami