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Une méthode d'éducation infaillible : le principe de Premack • Primitif Addict - Education canine et Comportement canin Dog Training Advice, Training Your Puppy, Dog Training Obedience, Dog Obedience, Training Classes, Potty Training, Training Dogs, Leash Training, Comportementaliste Canin

Aujourd’hui je vais vous parler d’une méthode d’éducation qui a fait ses preuves, tant sur les humains que sur les chiens. Vous même avez sûrement été éduqués avec cette méthode et vous l’utilisez certainement encore au quotidien. Il s’agit du principe de Premack, ou « loi de grand-maman ». Le principe est d’effectuer une action que l’on…

Barking is natural, but sometimes quiet is important. Dog Training Obedience, Dog Obedience, Dog Training Tips, Potty Training, Poodle Training, Training School, Brain Training, Training Videos, Training Classes

If you have a dog who barks incessantly for whatever reason – to be fed, at the mailman, because he’s bored, to get your attention – you’re probably wishing your dog had an “off” switch. Even if the barking doesn’t bother you, per se, you don’t want to be “that neighbor” with the obnoxious barking dog that everybody hates. So what can you do? Shouting at him to shut up rarely helps. Luckily, there is a way to get your ... Read more

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