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Types of Fashion Styles I like having multiple styles in my closet.  What I wear depends on my mood and if my outfit is for work, play, Home or going out.  I don't want to be trapped by one style.  Interesting to read what makes up each style type. Fashion Styles, Outfits, Casual, Fashion Tips, Shorts, Clothing Styles, Types Of Fashion Styles, Outfit Types Of Styles, Personal Style Types

Do you have a closet full of clothes but the styles are different? Do you have some clothes that look conservative, some that look soft and flowy, or some that are glamorous? Would you like to narrow down to just one style that makes you feel great all the time that you can identify with?...

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Namelazz — российский бренд женской одежды. Моей главной задачей было создать редизайн уже существующего интернет-магазина и передать на сайте эмоции и ассоциации бренда: утонченность, минимализм, элегантность и простота.Над проектом я работала по дизай…

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