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Discover innovative and practical glass food storage ideas to keep your kitchen organized and your food fresh. Upgrade your storage game with these top solutions for a healthier lifestyle.
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I decided to finally write a post that I have been wanting to write about the toxic things in our homes. Two women who I met at different occasions and started talking to influenced this post and me! I have learned a lot from them. One is a scientist and one is a breast cancer survivor. I asked them what the most toxic things are in our homes were and what the number one thing was they would change! I shared it all in this blog post.

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Whether you have open shelving in your kitchen or pantry, or just need a few essentials out on your countertops, glass jars are one of our favorite ways to organize in the kitchen. Here are 10 of our favorite kitchens that put glass jars to good use to stay organized. The best thing about glass jars is that there are options for every price range.

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Raise your hand if you spend too much time and money on Amazon. Keep it raised if you still love it no matter what!! Because that is me lol. I rounded up my favorite 20 items (narrowing this list down was hard!) that I bought on Amazon this past year for you and I to enjoy.. Tech Accessories: 1. Aputure mini LED light -- I got this off the recommendation from Olivia and have found it SUPER helpful when shooting in low light situations. It packs a serious punch in something the size of your…

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