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6 Tips for a Successful Transition to Natural Hair  Read the article here - http://www.blackhairinformation.com/beginners/transitioning-beginners/6-tips-successful-transition-natural-hair/ #transition #transitioning

There are two kinds of women out there - those that are willing to big chop, and those who aren't. I definitely wasn't willing to big chop when I first began my natural hair journey and wound up transitioning for a year and three months. If you decide that the big chop is not for you, then you wind up going through what's known as a transitioning period. Transitioning simply means that you're growing out your natural hair while still maintaining your relaxed or damaged hair. Transitioning…

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It started out with me thinking about my New Year's Resolutions. I've never been a huge fan on resolutions. Everyone makes them and come February they are nothing but well intentions of the past. I usually find a way around New Year's Resolutions by making monthly goals (although granted, I'm not always great about sticking to those either!) So I was thinking about monthly goals and thinking about what to share with all of you, when it dawned on me that we could take this journey together…