Growing out a bob

Learn how to gracefully transition from a bob hairstyle to longer locks. Explore top tips and styles to help you navigate the growing out process and achieve your desired look.
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Bob haircuts are constantly on trend, but can certainly be a hassle when attempting to grow them out. Those with first-hand bob experience are probably familiar with how much of a struggle it can be to achieve their desired length. In particular, the blunt edges and awkward lengths tend to make the middle period of hair growth extremely frustrating. Luckily, we've got some tips to help you avoid the awkward middle phase of growing out a bob! #bobhaircut #bobs #haircut #growhair

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GROWING your hair out can feel like it takes forever, but one girl is sharing the tips she swears by to get extra length out of your locks. She took her hair from a bob cut to waist length in just …