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What’s in a name, you might ask, just like Shakespeare did, but did you know that your name could reveal a lot about your personality? While palmistry and astrology are popular sciences that let us in on divine prophecies and prognostication,

Emma Barwa
Because there are two fundamental elements to every journey: action and reflection. Action breeds clarity and reflection breeds certainty. The experience that you gain from the motion of action and constant reflection gifts you with clarity on “the what” and certainty on “the definitely not.” As Randy Pausch, wrote in The Last Lecture: “Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.” It’s those two elements working together that help you discern what it is you actually wa Get What You Want, What You Think, How To Find Out, Reflection In Action, The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch, Life Questions, The Next Big Thing, Discernment

Too often in life, we cast our gaze outward, searching for the next big thing that will make us happy. We do things. We chase things. We try. But do you ever stop to ask yourself this question: Is this what you think you want? Or is this what you actually want? There's often a discrepancy between wh

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