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Photography With A Purpose: Supporting Navajo People In Need

Brit West has tapped into her creativity to support Native Americans in need. While the world is attempting to adjust to the ever-evolving coronavirus situation, people of the Navajo Nation have been hit with financial struggle, leaving elders without provisions. Western designer and photographer Brit West has set out to use her artistic eye for a cause with the creation of her Photography for a Purpose project. West traveled to the picturesque Monument Valley to shoot Navajo people and…

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10 Indigenous People being more Inventive than the Fashion Industry

You won't find them on the front row or posing for the street style photographers during fashion week, but in my mind, these are the real heroes of fashion... 1. Khampa beauty's hair braided and adorned with amber chunks Khampa lady resplendent in traditional headdress adorned with amber ch

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