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Керамический набор посуды, состоящий из мелкого блюда, десертного блюда и миски. Они идеально подходят для того, чтобы ваши фотографии выглядели эффектно. Приблизительные показатели: Мелкое блюдо: 23 см.; десерт 19 см.; чаша 16 x 6 см. в высоту. Дополнительные части для фотографий с низким ключом: Black Dinnerware Set, Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Ceramic Dishes, Ceramic Plates, Rustic Dinnerware Sets, Stoneware, Outdoor Dinnerware, Ceramics Ideas Pottery, Unique Ceramics

Add a rustic and primitive touch to your food photography with this black dinnerware set. Composed of 3 pieces, that is, two plates and a bowl, everything you put on them will immediately outstand in color and detail. Both the dinner plate and the side plate include a flat design enhanced by a minimalist rim. This particular feature creates a beautiful contrast with the rough texture and speckled black tone of the pieces. I bet you’ll love the resistance and simplicity of these ceramic props…

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When a wedding can be seen on the horizon, it means it’s time for a bachelor or a bachelorette party. And while some of them are pretty low-key, others, as you can see on this list, tend to get wild.

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More often than not, we notice the not-so-bright people walking around us, blaring their extreme opinions while being completely uninformed on the subject. It’s one of life’s great mysteries—those of lesser intelligence tend to overestimate how clever they are, while smart people do the exact opposite.

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