Neil Patrick Harris

Learn about the incredible journey of Neil Patrick Harris, from his early days as a child actor to his successful career in Hollywood. Discover his diverse roles, awards, and achievements that have made him a beloved and talented actor.
It's just so so so so unfair that this is not a straight man....because he's SMOKIN hot People, Portrait, Man, Gay Pride, Handsome, Gay Couple, Hot Guys, Guys

Reading in Bed with James Franco from The Paris Review on Vimeo. In bed with James Franco! (The Paris Review) Chaz gets another show. Good for him. Too bad he's so boring. (On Top Mag) A rad bromance! (Reddit) Neil Patrick Harris is gay for ... hush your mouth! (Screen Junkies) Five stories about same-sex experimentation. Beware: Only a couple are boy-on-boy. (Nerve) Is ex-girlfriend hinting George Clooney's gay? True Fact: I've never seen a George Clooney movie. He just has zero appeal to…

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