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Immerse yourself in the artistic world of plein air painting. Explore top tips and techniques to capture the natural beauty of outdoor landscapes with this popular art form.
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Nicholas O'Leary pushes plein air painting to its limits by making works at the dead of night, deep in snow and out in the wilderness as well as capturing more traditional street scenes, summery coastlines and calming forests. His work encompasses a rare and incredibly skilled rendering of time and movement - we caught up with him to find out more about how his practice of painting outside has influenced his general views on painting.

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This is 9 of the 13 paintings I did during the Sonoma Plein Air event this year. This one was difficult because these buildings were so far away, I had difficulty seeing the details clearly. Normally I would get closer to them, but the field between me and the subject was private property. Back of the Ranch 6x12" It was a hot day when I discovered this trailer. Fortunately I had my huge patio umbrella with me and was able to stand in the shade. The most difficult and most time consuming…

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