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Discover effective school counseling strategies to support student success and well-being. Find resources, tips, and techniques to create a positive and supportive school environment.
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So you finally landed the job out of grad school and are ready to start as a School Counselor. Congrats! It's a difficult profession but you will make a difference in the lives of children, hooray for you! Here is a list of things I wish I knew as a first-year Counselor to hopefully help you.

Andrea Webb
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One of my biggest strengths (and weaknesses) is that I’m outspoken. There’s not much in the realm of school counseling that I don’t have a strong opinion about. That means there’s some things that are commonplace among other counselors that I don’t do – because they just aren’t in the best interest of my students. […]

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Whether your district calls it PBIS, RTI-B, or MTSS-B, chances are, you are providing your students with levels of support. This is a good thing! That said, it’s also another set of things to learn and implement. Especially because it’s often on top of academic MTSS/RTI, and this wasn’t always covered in grad school. The […]

Carrie Samuels
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Relational aggression is a frequent issue for young girls and the school counselors that work with them. Teaching girls to handle conflicts, communicate effectively, and evaluate the kind of friend they are essential skills. Confident Counselors give some suggestions and resources for working on these skills.

Jessica Quaintance