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As I scrolled through Instagram on my phone while I had breakfast (we all do that, right?) I saw that @berry_birdy had put out a fun new challenge. Each May, Lesley hosts the Micro Mini Stitch Along #microminisal where we get to play and create little quilts, no bigger than 8" square. The challenge set yesterday was called "Treasure from Trash". We were to use only scraps that were in our bin. Fun! As my sewing room bin was emptied the day before for bin night, I had quite limited scraps…

Ryder Richards
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Have you ever purchased a pattern at a charity shop, yard sale or even online, then open to find it missing pieces. A lot of people give me old patterns, most of which I find new homes for. However, there are a large amount that are incomplete. I can't sell those on Etsy and I don't really want to c

Valerie Neeley