Skater Dress

Find the perfect skater dress for any occasion. Explore a wide range of trendy styles that will make you stand out in the crowd and feel confident.
A young black woman wears a short white skater dress. She leans on a Mercedes car. and wears a pair of white sneakers. Ideas, Outfits, Inspiration, Athletic Dress, Shoes With Shorts, Tights And Sneakers Outfits, Tights And Sneakers, Skater Dress Casual, Skater Skirt Outfit

I'm definitely one of the people who was excited when the skater dress trend really took off some 7-8 years ago. As a woman who is more bottom heavy, wearing dresses and skirts that were less "distracting" in the office was a constant challenge I faced. It was not my fault my curves were found

Amanda Bilyeu Garrison

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