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Kore- Jinro Strawberry Soju is infused with natural strawberry flavor for a refreshing, sweet taste. With an alcohol content of 13%, JINRO STRAWBERRY is a perfect match for any occasion.

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A Lee
HA0072 Jinro Soju Chamisul Fresh ABV 16.9% 350ml Gin, Alcohol, Fresh, Vodka, Spicy, Soju Bottle, Soju Drinks, Soju, Sake

The fresh soju is Jinro Chamisul’s lightest spirit. From Korea’s most popular brand, this fresh soju has pure and clean alcohol flavour. It has a lower percentage for a more refreshing taste. The Jinro brand of Chamisul soju means ‘real dew’, reflecting the purest flavour of their spirit. It is filtered 4 times using bamboo charcoal to remove impurities for a 100% natural flavour. Enjoy the natural taste of this classic Soju as a neat spirit. Add a freshness to a rich espresso martini or a…

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