Star wars concept art

Explore the amazing world of Star Wars with stunning concept art. Immerse yourself in the creative process behind the iconic characters and breathtaking landscapes of the Star Wars universe.
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Early in 2016 before a full game team was assembled, Gus Mendonca was hired to help Respawn conceptualize what a new and original Star Wars game could look like. Gus focused heavily on quick visualization and prototyping, striving to generate many ideas with strong potential for development. Two of his earliest ideas proposed during the first meeting with Respawn were the concept of a Pet Droid companion and a Shipbreaker hero working at a remote location in the outer rims of the…

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My mom took me to the theater to see the first Star Wars when I was 5. It's still somewhat inconceivable to me that 35 years later I had the opportunity to adapt, reimagine, and create designs for that universe. Find much more on the development of the film in: The Art of Rogue One art book.

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