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Discover innovative techniques and resources to make learning French fun and interactive. Engage your students with creative activities and inspire their love for the French language.
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As French Immersion teachers, we know how valuable it is to sing. It’s a great way to practice pronunciation, vocabulary and get our students excited about learning French. This list has a range of easier to harder songs. I taught some of these to my kindergarten students and also to 2/3s so it

Linda Davis
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Are you looking for some great games to play with your students in your FSL classroom? Look no further. Today, I am sharing the ‘best of the best’ student-approved games for FSL. Many require little to no prep (yay!). Take a look below and try one with your students today! 1. Comptez! Are you looking for a fun way to review numbers? This activity works very well with learners of all ages. Seriously. Even my middle-years aged students begged to play this! Materials required: none How to play…

Kim Taal
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Printable worksheets for French food provide a valuable resource for both educators and learners. These worksheets offer a comprehensive and engaging way to learn about the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects related to French cuisine. From identifying popular French dishes to practicing French food vocabulary, these worksheets are created to help students of different ages and levels grasp the concepts with ease. Don't forget to combine it with French cuisine activities. Whether you…

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French First Week Activities: In my previous 4 posts, I've talked about why it's so important to create an immersion atmosphere, how to set the tone for the year, and how to set expectations for the first day of French class. In this post about the French first week activities, I'll be sharing the lessons

Becky Larson
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5 French teachers you need to follow on Instagram If you are looking for fresh ideas for your classroom, great book suggestions, or classroom design ideas, turning to Instagram for ideas is a great option! French teachers are sharing their teaching experiences and ideas daily on this unique platform. I love following other teachers on Instagram. I get to see what other teachers are doing in their classrooms- what worked well and what didn’t. Also, I get TONS of fun new ideas and book…

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