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Step into the world of Valley Girls fashion and discover the latest trends and styles. Embrace the chic and trendy looks that will make heads turn wherever you go. Get inspired and create your own fashionable outfits with these top Valley Girls fashion ideas.
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Cody Hamman is dazzled by Valley Girl (1983) in this week's Film Appreciation. The story of Valley Girl is sort of an early '80s Californian twist on Romeo & Juliet, centered on the relationship that develops between Randy and Julie, two teens from different worlds. Randy's a club-frequenting punk from the gritty city of Hollywood. Julie's from the San Fernando Valley, a suburban area of shopping malls and upper-middle class families, her friends are stylish and preppie. Randy and Julie…

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Valley Girl is the classic tale of girl falls for boy from the wrong side of the tracks, played out against the backdrop of LA in the early 1980s. Our heroine, good-girl Julie (Deborah Foreman) lives in the valley, hangs out at the mall with her friends and dates the hot-headed douchebag jock Tommy. That is, until she meets "bad boy" Randy, Nic Cage in his first (and best!) role...

Saffra Blake
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I never thought teenage bedroom design would inspire me but then I found this amazing Tumblr dedicated entirely to just that. Hollywood set design at its most loveable. It’s also a handy tool for picking what to watch (or re-watch) on movie night. Enjoy this trip down memory lane! Valley Girl (1983) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)…

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The early ‘80s were a polarizing time for fashion, with trends ranging from socks with pumps and matching sets to pastel polos with double popped collars. All these and more are present in 'Valley Girl, a musical remake of the beloved 1983 Martha Coolidge film of the same name.

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