Washi tape ideas

Get inspired with these creative washi tape ideas for your next DIY project or home decor update. Discover unique ways to use washi tape to add color and personality to your crafts.
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What to make with washi tape? Here's 30+ Washi Tape Ideas for you try! Ideas for washi tape crafts, gifts, and home décor (plus my fav sources for washi tape).

Angie Wulf
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Share this with crafty friends.... Pinterest Facebook Twitter Washi Tape is exploding onto the craft scene like crazy. It’s been sold in private Etsy stores for awhile but now it’s becoming all the rage and the big box stores are starting to carry it as well. Even though it’s growing in popularity, some of you […]

Cheryl Palmer
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Do you love washi tape ideas? I do! There’s no telling what you can create and decorate with the tons of different washi tape colors and patterns. You can decorate pretty much anything, from kitchen utensils, to your walls, or even your clipboards. For the most part I use my washi tape in my bullet ... Read more

Virginia Pitts
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Hello friends, Adrienne from @studio80design here to share a tutorial on how to create a fun washi tape swatch page in your bullet journal! Creating swatch pages is a great way to keep track of all your washi tape, and it adds some color to your pages! I’ve also found that washi tape looks very different on the roll versus when you actually unroll it and add it to your paper! Let’s get started! Tools you’ll need: Archer and Olive A5 Signature Dot Grid Notebook Archer and Olive Washi Tape…

Claire Starkey