West Highland Terrier

Discover the charm of the West Highland Terrier breed. Find out why these adorable dogs make perfect companions and learn how to care for them.
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West Highland White Terrier male/female dog name ideas Chico Dinky Slim Midge Doodle Rascal Riley Oscar Cuddles Shorty Pumpkin Goober Harry Inch Jake Itsy-Bitsy Titch Puddles Rocky Foxy Sam Dash Bonsai Midget Mite Sammy Zeus Peanut Simba Gus Lucky Pip Button Murphy Middy Squirt Stumpy Festus Sparky Pepper Jack Toby Duke Tucker Teenie Bailey Buster...Read More

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The 2024 West Highland White Terriers Calendar collection showcases enchanting photographs capturing the essence of this beloved breed. From their distinctive white coats to their perky ears and spirited expressions, each month unfolds a visual journey into the world of West Highland White Terrier companionship. These calendars are a heartwarming tribute to the Westie's endearing qualities that make them cherished members of families around the globe.

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