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Bazi: Tiger-snake-monkey and Dog-ox-ram 3-Penalties Personal Injury Protection, Personal Injury Lawyer, Income Protection, Screen Beans, Buy Health Insurance, Insurance Policy, Accident Insurance, Powerpoint Animation, Blue Emoji

The combinations of Tiger-snake-monkey (yin-si-shen) and Dog-ox-ram (xu-chou-wei) are called 3-penalties. 3-penalities (3P) is one of the more serious afflictions in 4-Pillars or Bazi astrology. With 6 out of 12 branches involving 3-penalties, there is a 50% chance that a year is 3P-prone, like last year's chou and current year's yin. (Note: zi-mao is also considered one of the 3Ps). For people with monkey sign in a tiger (yin) year, it is not difficult to run into a snake (si) luck period…

Angela Blake