Arts décoration en verre

Le verre permet de mettre en valeur la lumière et les couleurs
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three wine glasses sitting next to each other in front of colorful wallpaper with multicolored bars behind them
Totally Unique
Be your own kind of beautiful!
an abstract photo of colorful glass blocks and cubes
Design Curiosity
four different colored glass objects are in the shape of three bottles with swirls on them
Bottles Photo by General Photography by Eric Phillips
Bottles. Photography from Photography Talk.
four different colored glass bottles sitting next to each other on a white surface with shadows
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two empty wine glasses next to a green bottle
ollebosse: “ gleeson9science ”
three wine glasses filled with red and white wine
La Grande Boutique
Source: catharinethegreat
three wine bottles with different colored lights in them
Alexander Yaros диакаустика...