Tonnerre technique, mécanique. Talent d'ingénieur.

Le progrès technique permet de combler des lacunes naturelles et donne accès à de nouvelles compétences. Par exemple, l'être humain rêve de voler mais il n'en a physiquement pas la compétence. Il multiplie donc les inventions techniques.
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Nouvelles technologies.

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Tokamak, fusion nucléaire.

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Montagnes Russes.

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premiere grande roue ferris wheel chicago 02 502x660 La première grande roue  photo histoire bonus
The first Ferris Wheel at Chicago's 1893 Columbian Exposition. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Grandes roues.

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Ascenseurs d'un genre unique.

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Vidéos de fabrication, construction de bidules.

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Boite à savoir.

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Technologie militaire.

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Production et stockage d'énergie.

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A remotely controlled Panther armored mine clearing vehicle leads a column down a road in Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 16, 1996
Puma combat engineering vehicle.  This Israeli modification of the venerable and excellent British Centurion is designed to breakthrough enemy defensive systems. The vehicle, which doubles as an APC for combat engineers, has a number of  different variations, with equipment for clearing mines, electronic equipment for detecting, disrupting, and remotely detonating roadside bombs and IEDs, and various blades for breeching tank obstacles.

Engins militaires.

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Moteur rotatif Wankel

Moteurs rotatifs.

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America 3
Self Propelled Or Pull Type Scrapers - Which Is Better?

Engins du BTP et l’industrie sur roues ou chenilles.

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Bakken Top-head Drive -
Cutter within a cutter head.....

Engins de forage.

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GHH Fahrzeuge - Diesel, Electric and Low-Profile LHDs for Underground Mining

Engins de minage.

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Siemens 25MW SGT-600 Industrial gas turbine [2126 x 1535]
Inside a hydroelectric turbine

Turbines, puissance pure.

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Complexes industriels, la bête insomniaque.

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Complexes industriels, la bête respire.

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Troll A - The Tallest structure that has ever been moved

Plateformes offshores pétrolières et gazières.

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Cheminées et torchères le souffle de la bête.

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Головна / Твіттер

Coeurs nucléaires, le dragon endormi.

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The untold story of the architect who turned Spain’s modernist power plants into art | Deep in the Cantabrian Mountains a young Joaquín Vaquero Palacios (1900-1998) used to travel around on horseback with his father. Here, immersed in resplendent scenery, they scouted for a location for what would become the second largest hydroelectric dam in Europe at the time | #design #interiors | Control room at Aboño thermal power plant
Inside a Nuclear Control Room
Earthly Issues

Complexes nucléaires, postes de contrôle.

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Liebherr LR 1500 crawler crane dismantles tunnel drilling machine on Sicily - Cranesy

Grues et engins de levage de toutes les tailles.

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Machinerie titanesque.

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ARCHIVEA Limited Edition "Ford River Rouge Machinery II 1927" Giclee
Steel ~ we built the nation
phoenix+power+hammer | Found on

Complexes industriels, le coeur de la bête.

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Who out there could fix this and who are you bringing to help??

Grues, engins de chantier avec un petit problème.

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