Cherche et trouve les lettres de l' ALPHABET.

Great class activity or game when you have time to spare at end of class.or want to practice vocabulary! Project on the big screen and give them flyswatters, spoons, or use their hands to slap correct image. Can divide into teams and keep score!

Great rules

Simplifying classroom rules This is a very simple, nice classrules poster

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DIY heart with paper

58 phrases positives à dire aux enfants – épanews

58 phrases positives à dire aux enfants – épanews

30 gestes quotidiens permettant de valoriser l'estime de soi d'un enfant.

Kidissimo a déménagé.

Visual perception

Ateliers de manipulation type Montessori

20 really awesome toys and activities for learning and playing that you already have at home. Inexpensive, simple solution for developing fine motor skills.