French sculptor Bruno Catalano works in bronze sculpture, with a reoccuring motif. His figures are always lacking mid sections, and seem to be eerily suspended in mid air. Each of his sculptures feature somebody with a suitcase in hand, usually with an introspective or uncertain expression. The lack of midsection represents Bruno Catalano's invitation to viewers of his works to simply fill in the blanks. Lovely use of negative space and a masterful use of bronze working.

The Art of Missing Pieces by Bruno Catalano. “Le Grand Van Gogh” - Bruno Catalano’s bronze sculptures. Born in self-taught French artist Bruno Catalano didn’t start sculpting until he was

Anthony Gormley

Antony Gormley, Exposure / research


Chuco, Warrior Black & Grey Tattoo Photography by Eric Schwartz

selfportrait - G.Benard

Smokey, by ©GonzaloBénard

invisible ink

Black & White Photography Inspiration Picture Description (Surreal Photography by Arno Rafael Minkkinen) Writing Prompt: write the text that the hand would

take a pick

TheWet: Photography by David Foster Nass

urban angles

Air Raid by Geert Goiris

fuck school

dont call yourself a skater if you hold your friends hand. real skaters fight to the death down a hill together and almost die together.

picture from the hood

misha gordin conceptual black and white photography by misha gordin


Dress up like crazy for a movie opening night - The Hobbit here I come!

surround sound, by david foster nass

Surround Sound By David Foster Nass

stone tsunami

Anyone knows where this is in Amsterdam? Is this at the Roelof Hartplein?