New York City, NY, USA | Manhattan|Brooklyn|Bronx

Two of my biggest travel dreams are coming true this summer. My next destination will be New York City, NY, USA!

Venecia Italia

Venice, Italy - The Grand Canal. Great memories of our day in Venice. Yes we took a gondola ride! I hope to go back one day and wander a little. This MUST be on your Bucket List!

Porto Venere, Italie

Porto Venere, Italie »

Thank goodness for an Italian cousin to help us plan a fabulous vacation!

Des villes en 24h - La boite verte

Des villes en 24h

Here are some cute images Hours….’ designed by Fernando Volken Togni, posted by Creative Roots. I would like to see 24 Hours in other African cities like Lagos or Accra or Nairobi. I wonder how Fernando Volken Togni visualize.