Use an old tablecloth and glue on a roller pin ~ paint & roll to make your own decorative paper

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Cool gift idea pic

DIY Personalized Candle - kids or grand-kids can make and give as a gift. Kids draw picture on wax paper then wrap it around a white candle and heat with hair dryer until it melts onto the candle. mother's day gift ideas, crafts for kids

Ces trucs coûtent les yeux de la tête dans les boutiques d'artisanat

Elle dessine une forme sur un papier de cuisson avec de la colle chaude... Ce qui suit vous fera économiser des beaux $$$

Put hot glue on baking parchment and wait until it dries.

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trace them onto card stock or scrap book paper. Cut them out, layer them, decorate cards, photos, books and crafts with them. I would use these as turkey feathers for a thanksgiving craft

Des range-documents en carton agrémentés de photos / Tidy up cardboard documents decorated with photos

Des range-documents en carton agrémentés de photos

love this photo spread across magazine file boxes- beautiful way to dress them up

HowTo Embossage

Un peu de relief aux choses

DIY Embossing Technique to create hand-embossed letters and shapes; letter pressing, card making and paper craft ideas. How about wedding invitations with our initials embossed?

Idée déco sympa

Origami Shadow Faces by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (origami paper and a single light source)


Créer une suspension simple et originale

You make these by dipping yarn through a corn starch/glue mix, then wrapping it around a balloon coated with Vaseline so the glue doesn't stick. Once the yarn and glue mixer is dry, pop the balloon for this whimsical DIY lantern!