the pipes are lined up and ready to be filled with liquid or water in black and white
Presse vintage
Presse italienne vintage debossage embossage et finitions
a close up view of some type of metal
cliché dorure microtexturé laiton
cliché dorure microtexturé laiton
a person using a sewing machine to sew something on a piece of paper with gold foil
Finition carnets couture singer
Finition carnets couture singer 52 pages impression letterpress dorure
a machine with some paper on top of it
Impression à chaud
Impression à chaud Ofmi letterpress
a black and white photo of an old building with glass blocks on the front wall
typographie - espaces
Espaces - typographie impression
a person is cutting something with scissors on a piece of metal foil that has been wrapped in plastic
Encre et encrage
Offset encre et encrage
an old machine is being worked on in black and white
an old fashioned typewriter with the words presidential written on it's side and numbers below
Ofmi Heidelberg
Presse qui réalise vos dorure à chaud et letterpress