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lime slices are stacked on top of each other
inspirazione x color of the year 2017 (pantone greenery)
the back side of a blue bird's feathers
Plumes bleues / Blue feather
an image of white feathers that look like they have been made out of something else
Blanc Pâle
Blanc Pâle …
the sand has wavy lines in it
Sand and Shadows #3
Beach Sand (will make a nice piece of sandstone or even quartzite if we have patience!)
there is a large pile of seashells with hearts in the background
Bubblegum Princess — We Dream Of Ice Cream
orange mushrooms are arranged in rows on the back cover of an iphone 4g case
32 Weird & Wonderful Fungi & Mushroom Pictures - The Photo Argus
I love fungus. This one reminds me of fish scales. A fabric in Senegal that I didn't buy still haunts me to this day. It was beautiful! I was trying to show restraint -Jas
an image of leaves that are hanging from a tree branch in sepia and black
'Flowing Eucalyptus in Black and White' Prints - Albert Koetsier | AllPosters.com
Feuilles d'Eucalyptus et effet de transparence
an abstract woven material with black, beige and tan colors
Marni - Woven leather and satin clutch
MARNI LEATHER WEAVE #details. This on a wood framed bench or chair would be great.