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Pit Houses: Warm in the Winters and Cool in the Summers: Pit House Reconstruction, Anasazi State Park

A pit house (also spelled pithouse) is a type of dwelling that was excavated partly into the earth, from a few inches to more than three feet.


Living Underground in Utah This site provide details and resources about Pit Houses in prehistoric Utah. Detailed diagrams and photographs are available for analysis.

Pawnee Indian Village. Near Republic, Kansas.  In 1901, about half of the area of the village was given to the State of Kansas for preservation, and portions of the site were excavated by archeologists in the 1940s and 1960. In 1967, a museum building was built around the excavated floor of one of the largest earth lodges, creating the Pawnee Indian Museum State Historic Site. Love visiting this place!

The Pawnee Indian Museum State Historic Site near Republic, Kansas is built around an excavated Indian earth lodge.

Neolithic Shelter

The more skills you discover, the more self reliant you are and the greater your opportunities for survival ended up being. Here we are going to discuss some standard survival skills and teach you the.