kid costume inspiration.. oh yes I should use these!!!

These are some bad ass costumes for kids. LOVE the joker. I think that kid is in character. I'm pretty sure I'll have kids mostly just to dress them up for Halloween.

Best Halloween costume ever.

Carnival is coming, here is a great idea for a costume! Roy Lichtenstein costume by Sarah Hoke. You can also have a look at another post with another incredible costume!

les plus beaux deguisement halloween pour enfant frida kahlo   Splendides déguisements Halloween pour enfant   Walter White troll Run DMC ph...

Little Frida Kahlo Kid's Halloween Costume . now this is a serious halloween costume but the poor kid is most likely wanting to be hello kitty.

cartoon character halloween costume

11 Original Halloween Costumes for this Halloween

zombie-fucker: “ thedailywhat: “ Cool Costume of the Day: MAC make-up transforms model into real-life comic book character / Lichtenstein painting. Process shots here. está genial a. - IDEJE: 18 doma narejenih kostumov

DIY Snail Costume Simple DIY Dress Up Costume? Snail-ed it! Oh you know we like a fancy dress costume - And you know that - the simpler, the better! Having kids who are not terribly keen on dressing up has…

insolite deguisement fille joconde perle tableau

Cosplay done right: classic artworks by Vermeer ("Girl with pearl earring") and da Vinci ("Mona Lisa"), rendered in brilliant cosplay versions.

funny costumes for couples

Here is a list of the BEST Halloween couple costumes, some of the WORST couple Halloween costumes and finally a handful that are just awkward.

Un bricolage facile à faire avec les enfants - Grandir avec Nathan

Un bricolage facile à faire avec les enfants - Grandir avec Nathan