jane birkin. yes, THEE Birkin whom it was named after by Hermes chief executive himself, Jean-Louis Dumas, in 1984

summer inspiration for a sunny weekend. jane birkin fashion tips: roll your T sleeve, wear a double long necklace, skip the bra, thick eye makeup, no lipstick. go kill it girl… have good long weekend everyone.

Gabin , Ventura , Delon

French actors (L-R) Italian actor Lino Ventura, Jean Gabin and Alain Delon on the set of the movie The Sicilian Clan (Le clan des Siciliens), directed by Henri Verneuil, in 1969 in France.

Steve McQueen with Ali McGraw

Steve McQueen with Ali McGraw /// The women in his life all share a resemblance: Neile, Natalie Wood, and finally Ali--lovely soubrettes, all.