vivienda rural

I started out looking for book towers - this is what I found Architectural drawings - vivienda rural, Reminds me of Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Nelly Rodi - « ARISTO CHIC» Tendance Couleur SS2017 - Tendances (#620534)

Тенденции : A palette of aristochic tones composes the refined geometry of the new classics. Deep indigo blue and ecru structure the elegant shades of brown and khaki. Just as in the adventurers neatly clad in safari jackets head off to the open gr

L’anatomie microscopique du bois

L’anatomie microscopique du bois

Repetition Art, Biology Art, Pattern Art, Pattern Design, Dna Art, Tree Structure, Norway Spruce, Metroid, Glitch Art

Les "trulli" d'Alberobello, habitations construites au XVIe siècle en pierres non jointes, classés au patrimoine de l'Unesco.

De Bari à Brindisi, cap sur les Pouilles

Alberobello De Bari à Brindisi, cap sur les Pouilles - L'Express

collage architecture anastasia savinova

Architecture et collage par Anastasia Savinova