I'd love to do this with just a plain shadowbox...

Wine Cork Holder Wall Decor Art - Keep Calm & Drink Wine Or a Beer bottle cap one Check this out!

1950s kitchen tools. Love these.

Mashed potatoes were made with this type of masher. Mom and Grandma used these. I have a few old utensils in my collection.

large vintage safety pins at petite violette

We adore these gorgeous over-sized vintage safety pins! (what I really like is the little wire basket that holds the pins!

on l’aura trimballé partout ce baladeur à cassette. On y enfournait nos chansons enregistrées à la radio qu’on écoutait en boucle avec les écouteurs aux bords de mousse.  Petit logo “dolby” pour faire la classe, et retournage de la cassette au milieu… le walkman, c’était un style.

Sony's New Walkman: Better, But Still No iPod Killer (SNE)

Original Sony Walkman from 1979 - used cassette tape but allowed us to listen to music on the move.my dad bought me the original.I thought I was so bad ass at the time.

Illustrator: Luca Zanellato

This is a simple infographic about the evolution of Nintendo home console from 1977 until

Wire Folding String Dispenser Including ball of flax twine


Le jokari, My parents bought me this in St Jean pied de Port Sis & I played this quite a bit, then one smash to many & ball dissapeared never to be found again.

My Bouckville flea finds were many. But, I am probably most delighted with these little bits of blue enamelware.