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ART DECO Bronze Metallic Style Design Elements Digital Clipart, Instant Download, Vintage Accents Frame Borders Clip art Illustrations

ART DECO Clip Art: Gold Art Deco Accents Set by MNINEdesigns *Great for use on greeting cards, invitations, printable projects, party packs.

Crop circles | Crop-circle d’Etchilhampton près de Devizes, Wiltshire. Signalé le ...

Crop Circle at Etchilhampton Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported July Planet X approaching the Earth, (which is the small circle at the top) from the south. Most likely Alien made.

#504 Rumour – are here! – A new minimal geometric composition each day

A new minimal geometric composition each day from geometry daily


100 Days is a fascinating project by Jessica Svendsen in which she created daily variations of Josef Müller-Brockmann’s excellent Beethoven concert poster. The project was part of the Michael Bierut 100 Days Workshop at the Yale School of Art

Why do humans tend to prefer strict geometric design when nature seems to flow in a chaotic and organic way? "Fractal Experience" Visual Arts, Illustration, Photo Manipulation by Erik Söderberg (Uppsala, Sweden).

十 二 生肖 - Google 搜尋

十 二 生肖 - Google 搜尋