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Clean, Modern, Minimalist white bedroom with plush linen beige duvet cover, simple cream knitted blanket. Decorative white shelf above bed which holds art, photographs and other decor as well as clip on industrial wire cage lighting fixtures lamp

Ce genre de bougie avec une Deco vitrée comme sà est tout à fait mon style pour une vrai chambre d'adulte !

Candles in glass boxes - perfect combination of cozy and contemporary. Using flameless/electric candles for this would be a good idea to not have to worry about melting wax oozing into the bottom of the glass box and onto the other decorative objects

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Although some people claim that they can read anywhere, anytime, we all know that a comfortable, well lit, soft spot is ideal.

Lumiere naturelle dans l'entrée

Lovely soft colors and details in your interiors. Latest Home Interior Trends. - Interior Decor Luxury Style Ideas - Home Decor Ideas

La deco chambre romantique - 65 idées originales

La deco chambre romantique - 65 idées originales -

Laisser les pierres apparentes pour encore plus de cachet dans la maison de campagne.

Pinterest : 12 idées déco pour maison de campagne stylée

Kitchen Interior Design Concept Ideas To Give You A Starting Point (8)

Kitchen Interior Design Concept Ideas To Give You A Starting Point

Waterfall Marble: Waterfall-style countertops look that much more chic when made with white marble. Gray cabinetry balances out this look without feeling too harsh, and lets the beautiful marble island take center stage.

Les photos de la Villa Grenache - La Bastide de Marie : propriété de luxe et charme avec services hôteliers en Luberon

On my small porch I could get a thick rubber mat, put holes in it, glue river rocks onto it. Maybe make a border around the outside perimeter of the porch where I then place container gardens.