Matteo Pugliese

Milan, Italy artist Matteo Pugliese

A bronze sculpture by artist Matteo Pugliese called "La Promessa" ("The Promise"). A fascinating contemporary artist who uses a classically-influenced figural style in a new and interesting way

Flying Houses - Laurent Chéhère

the “Flying Houses” series by French photographer Laurent Chehere. Inspired by the and arrondissement of Paris and more specifically the Belleville and Menilmontant neighborhoods, Chehere elevates architecture to a new level – literally.

Berndnaut Smilde’s Indoor Cloud Collection

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde creates photographs of indoor clouds from aerogel, most recently at San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center.

Eran Gilat - Life Science

Eran Gilat Still Life, Life Science series Eran Gilat, Israeli photographer and Doctor has combined his work as a scientist (Neurobiology and Imaging) with his love of photography in this series of still lifes.

Eran Gilat - Life Science

Gilat is currently trying to supplement the price of publishing the book with a crowdfunding campaign.

Blue Orphanage - Gina Soden

"Blue Orphanage" © 2012 Gina Soden – All Rights Reserved. Jan 2015 - I have recently heard from the artist that this limited edition piece is completely sold out. Such a shame I didn't find this sooner. It would have looked gorgeous in my hallway!

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