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there is a spiral metal object in the corner of this room with yellow walls and flooring
Ventes aux enchères Roger TALLON (né en 1929)
Roger TALLON (né en 1929)
a round table with four chairs around it in a room that has white walls and ceilings
Isa Duval
L'Elysée de Pierre PAULIN
two people laying on a bed with red sheets and yellow blankets over them, in front of a colorful wall
Isa Duval
a man sitting at a table in front of an orange wall with circles on it
Isa Duval
an image of a living room setting with red furniture and bookshelves on the wall
Isa Duval
a room filled with lots of different colored furniture
Isa Duval
two men are sitting in a living room with colorful furniture and artwork on the walls
Private apartment Hasenrain / VP0716-00-B-D09 - Verner Panton - Official
Verner Panton's Hasenrain apartment in Basle, 1965
an art gallery with two large paintings on the wall and couches in front of them
an orange chair and ottoman in a room with yellow walls, flooring and furniture
LA 70s - Eclectic - Living Room - Los Angeles - by Alex Amend Photography | Houzz
1970s interior
a living room filled with furniture and colorful walls
photo of a 1959 apartment.