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a red notebook with white polka dots and a cartoon character on it, sitting next to a toy mushroom
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a cup with spoons in it sitting on a table next to a flower vase
a cup with a lid sitting next to a tin container on a table near a pink flower
there is a container that has rice in it
three colorful boxes with designs on them are sitting next to a pink flower and purple orchid
there is a cup with an umbrella on the table next to some powder and flowers
a pillow with a sailor doll on it next to some other items that are sitting on the floor
Gift Wrapping, Gifts, Wrap
three tin canisters with cartoon characters painted on them
Fictional Characters, Art
a decorative pillow with a doll on it
Crafts, Character, Tweety
a compact mirror next to a black lighter on a white surface
a blue button with a blonde haired woman's face on it next to a black lighter
Accessories, Pin