Beaudelaire. Photo by Nadar.

Portrait of Charles Baudelaire, French poet whose writing was dismissed as decadent, and who then embraced that term, as did the contra-conventional writers and artists who called after him. (Photo by Nadar)

Charles Baudelaire by Frantisek Kupka - One of my favourite paintings and also utilised as the front cover for J K Huysmans "Against Nature (A Rebours)"

"The Yellow Scale" by František (Franz) Kupka a Czech avant-garde painter who lived in Paris. The man in yellow is Charles Baudelaire. Oil on canvas housed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

Charles Baudelaire

Baudelaire was deeply interested in dandyism, and memorably wrote that a dandy…

charles baudelaire

An interesting quote from Charles Baudelaire on the relationship between art, beauty, and deformity. This in many ways lays the groundwork for understanding the interest of decadent art in the grotesque and horrible.