paris, 1957 - by sabine weiss. VW, Volkswagen, Bug, rain, window pane, umbrella, city, urban, 1950s, black and white, France

Previous pinner said "Jour de pluie à travers une fenêtre", Paris, 1957 (by: Sabine Weiss. I believe this translates roughly to Working with the light of a rainy day.

Go for it!.......Sabine Weiss

Sabine Weiss :“It’s a chance to talk to anybody, to travel and meet different people. Photography opens so many doors!

Sabine Weiss, my great aunt

Photographer Sabine Weiss' photograph "Homme, Coin de rue Tentes" is available for sale at HL Photo Gallery.

Sabine Weiss

Sabine Weiss has been looking through her camera lens with a curious eye for 45 years.