We have been making these for the past 3yrs.  My kids love to do them, and since we seem to be in a new school every year they never get old. :) Sam did them for pre-k and kindergarten and Michael's doing it for preschool this year. Fun stuff. :)

10 Cute and Easy Valentine's Day Cards and Crafts For Kids

(image) What a great idea for the kids / grandkids! Perfect DIY project & recycle those used / broken crayon pieces, too. Would make for a great party favor, gift for Valentine's Day (or other occasions) or gift from Teacher to Students! Love it!

DiY : mobile en papier

Mobile en papier

Mom's Crafty Space: Up, Up & Away! Hot Air Balloon Mobile--modify for other shapes!

bresil chic - concours glamour

Graphic designer Alex Asfour of IdeaStorm Media has created a series of beautiful travel posters that is inspired by vintage design, for his latest project.

Lonely Planet Brazil (Country Travel Guide) by Regis St. Louis, http://www.amazon.com/dp/1741791634/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_6ixJpb1QSFGJS

IN MY ROOM - Lonely Planet Brazil Very simple cover using a close up photograph. A close up of a brazilian bird that captures the colors of Brazil. Immediately I think of 'Rio' the animation film. Simple LP logo in top left corner.

Spyglass collage

Summer Camp for Kids: Pirate Day, Arrrrr

diy pirate spyglasses - they can just put construction paper around a roll of toilet paper and color/decorate it in their own style (pirate day)

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