Pre-writing Exercise

A small sandbox is a common Montessori activity. Uses pre-writing or teaching numbers/alphabet and shapes. (Fine or Large Muscle Movement Sensory Activities)

Ateliers de manipulation

Play Create Explore: Tracing Bottle Caps and Lids to Make an Outline Matching Activity/Puzzle Fabiana

Lógica colores palitos con goma eva

Such a festive way to develop visual discrimination skills, pattern matching, logic and reasoning and more. I love how colorful and simple this activity is for the kids.

Problem Solving - Pattern Matching Busy Bag with Popsicle Sticks via Etsy

I need to do this for X's updated busy bag! Popsicle Stick Patterns Busy Bags This is a brain workout. Kids need to match the pattern on the cards with colored popsicle sticks to make it look like the card.

Looking for fun learning activities to do with kids? Best Science Apps for Preschool Kids, some are even free. All with many hands-on science activity guides #kidsapps #ScienceApps

Best Science Apps for Preschool Kids

Top Science Apps for Preschool Kids - fun, hands-on, entertaining, kids learn science while playing games. Wonderful STEM resource for preschool teachers or parents

Motricité fine - Formes - Textures Reproduire des formes avec des graines (haricots, pâtes...). On peut les poser/coller sur des pointillés ou reproduire sur une autre feuille.

Fine motor skill development - construction paper, silver sharpie, & dried beans, pom poms, or other substitute

Quiet Time Busy Boxes. Includes tons of ideas and pictures!

Step by step instructions (and tons of ideas) to create quiet time busy boxes for preschoolers.