Rénovation à Chamoson par Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Rénovation à Chamoson par Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Renovated dwelling in Chamoson,Switzerland- par Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Pers CAVALIERE_ Dessins

Q & A with Nigel Peake

Casa Tiny à Puerto Escondido – Miluccia

Casa TinyA dreamy small residence minutes away from Mexico’s lively Puerto Escondido, Casa Tiny makes for a charming retreat from the daily distractions. In creating this project, architect Aranza.

Young German artist Tali Bayer, based in Leipzig, is particularly inspired by natural and architectural structures when she creates her illustrations and collages. Monochrome or faded tones palettes are employed to draw surreal staircases, blooming plants within tiny transparent houses, windowed...

Fragments of a Dream-like City: Collages by Tali Bayer

patternbase: Risoprint from the zine “plants + spaces = places" by Tali Bayer…

Mountain lodge featuring a sloping roof that you can ski over.

Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway

Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway. Norwegian architects Fantastic Norway have designed a mountain lodge with a sloping roof that you can ski over.

Tour d'horizon des 20 escaliers les plus étonnants dénichés aux quatre coins du monde. / Photo Maison de Not Vital, Agadez, Niger.

Les plus beaux escaliers sur Instagram

A play on architectural traditions in the region, with a further nod to temples and ziggurats and a clever almost Dadaist use of stairs, Sunset House in Agadez, Nigeria, by a Swiss architect whose name I can't track down.


Atelier Amont, Paviljoen De Unie – The temporary pavilion placed alongside the Albert Canal, thereby signifying it as a fleeting element, akin to a boat ashore for a brief period. It is designed both to open out to the surrounding l.

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Pop-up Island, projet de l'atelier MaDe