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Connor, Ricky, and Kian Skyping Tyler!! ahhhh I love these boys!

Connor Franta, Kian Lawley,and Ricky Dillon skyping Tyler Oakley! XD<<<Tyler looks so confused

Getting Sloppy in San Francisco (ft. Troye & Connor) | Tyler Oakley All the troyler in this vlog makes me cry. They are the cutest thing. For the love of everything sane, just get married already.

damn school they were in S.F while I was in school I need 2 c them or I will fucking die damn it damn it damn it

Only repinning for Connor Franta!  Okay okay i adore him to the point I need help.  LEAVE ME ALONE!

Ricky dillon, troye sivan and connor franta, this is when they went to see Bethany perform on Dancing with the Stars