Jadou134 Ecoffet

Jadou134 Ecoffet

Jadou134 Ecoffet
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MW47 by YogurtYard

Fusion of my dad and Nicholas from Anastasia xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Fun fact: Amarantine -> Amaranth ->Amaranthos (greek) means immortal And did such.

MW45 by YogurtYard

Forgot a few things, will add them on the next pages Prev: Text by : GF belongs to Alex Hirsch Orion and Amarantine belongs to me

MW42 by YogurtYard

Just to clarify for all super smarties who post comments like "Great. I mean those comments totally reflect .

MW35 by YogurtYard

Prev: Dips could talk but there is no need for because s-deer actually don't have conversations while.